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Bridge Christian Church

The Bridge is a a non-denominational Christian church that is anything but boring. When you come for a weekend service, you’ll find a friendly, laid-back atmosphere that you can ease into.

We are simply a community of people doing our best to follow Jesus Christ. That’s really the definition of “Christian.” We know you might have some hang-ups on what a “church” looks like and what it means to be a “Christian.” We’ve been there. We wanted something different… something real… something authentic.

God has literally brought us together from around Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, the U.S. and even the world to join together and live out the life that He designed for us. That’s our goal. A life of seeking God without playing games, without “playing church” and as honestly as possible.

We figure that the only way to live like that is to seek God’s design for us. We believe that the Bible is an instruction book, revealing how we were meant to live and experience this world. It’s what sets our course. When we have a question, that’s where we go. Tradition and other people’s thoughts and teachings are good but Scripture is the only source that we have directly from God. We literally are trying to figure out how to live it out as well as possible.

If you’re burned out on life, if you’re hurt, if you’re trying to find a place to connect, please connect with us.

service times

Sunday Morning:
9:00 and 10:30 a.m.
Children's Service at 10:30


395 W 9th Street
Dubuque, Iowa


Bridge Christian Community - it's not church as usual


  • (563) 556-5083

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